Simon Nordberg

Simon Nordberg


27 December 2021

In 2021, I got into reading, and reading became a habit. In previous years I read a few books here and there when something was recommended to me, or when the stars aligned, and I gathered willpower to sit down for long enough to see a book through.

This has gradually changed to become something I do on a daily basis, as a means of relaxation, or increasingly to satisfy my curiosity. Looking back I had a number of insights in 2019 that helped initiate a shift in mindset:

These insights led me to make a couple of bets to further support reading taking a more prominent part in my life - create a fully digital library, and following my curiosity when deciding what to read.

Digital library

When moving from Stockholm to Gothenburg I decided to sell all my physical books in favor of a digital library. On the surface this might seem like a trivial change, but it’s proven to be a seismic shift in how I approach reading altogether. Key highlights include:

Guided by curiosity

Rather than reading things I felt obliged to read for one reason or another, I decided to try and only read books on topics that I was genuinely interested in. This decision has also come with a few second order consequences:


The combination of a digital library and a generous reading policy largely guided by curiosity has fundamentally changed how I approach and enjoy reading altogether. I read more, and I can absorb and synthesize more of what I read. In 2019, I read 6 books. In 2020 the number came to 16. I’ve not yet summarized 2021, but it looks like yet another increase.

Most importantly however, I now enjoy and look forward to reading.