Simon Nordberg

Simon Nordberg

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Simon Nordberg

Software Engineer | Software Architecture & Technology Leadership

+46(0)706-15 55 90

What I do, and want to continue doing

I am an engineer and technology generalist who thrives on defining and building successful technology products. I love tackling challenging problems, figuring out where to invest, architecting and implementing solutions, and creating passionate, creative, and high-performing teams to build great products.


  • Hackerman AB, Founder

  • Gomorron Östersund, Co-founder & partner

  • Brightn AB, Co-founder & CTO


  • Master of Science, Computing Science

Fun facts

  • Outdoor aficionado

    Happiest outside, I spend a lot of my free time running and skiing.

  • Non-fiction book worm

    Love to learn and read; science, philosophy, psychology, medicine, arts, economics to name a few.

  • Beer brewer

    Hoppy NEIPAs are my favorite.


  • Spotify

    • Principal Product Manager

    • Senior Product Manager

  • AB Trav och Galopp

    • Product Manager, Cloud Infrastructure

    • Product Manager, Messaging Infrastructure

  • Sysarb, Advisor

  • Urb-it

    • Interim CTO

    • Product Manager

    • Software Engineer & Architect

  • Adeprimo, Software Engineer & Architect

  • Ibitec, Software Engineer & Architect

  • Roxen Internet Software, Developer

  • Exsitec, Technical Consultant

  • Ericsson, Master's Thesis

  • UKD Distans, Head Teacher

  • Utfors, NOC Technician

More about me

I have spent the past 20 years in various technology and product roles. I have started several companies. I have been a startup CTO. I have been an individual contributor and a manager. I have been a consultant working with companies in a wide range of industries. I have worked in product companies and agencies. If I am to go by the feedback I get; I am a trusted leader with strong technical, people and strategic skills.

I love learning and improving. I have come to acknowledge this as one of my core qualities. I am able to quickly get up to speed and be productive in a new environment.

Personally, I am a devoted trail and ultra runner, downhill skier, occasional DJ and self-improvement nerd.

Experience, in more detail

Spotify, Principal Product Manager

New York, Stockholm, Remote

Product lead for the Cloud Storage Product Area in Spotify's Platform team responsible for the storage and database portfolio that enable R&D teams to safely and effectively build and deploy stateful workloads to serve Spotify customers worldwide. Managed a global team of senior product managers with a relentless focus on developer productivity and happiness while balancing reliability, performance and cost.

I was also strategy lead for a number of large-scale platform productivity and business continuity initiatives impacting all developers at the company.

Environment: GCP, AWS, Bigtable, Cassandra, Java, Python, Kubernetes

Spotify, Senior Product Manager

New York, Stockholm, Remote

Product manager in two Platform teams responsible for the storage and database portfolio focusing on developer productivity, reliability, performance and cost.

During this period I was also involved in two other Platform teams responsible for configuration management and the foundation for our backend services, focusing on developer productivity for backend engineers.

Environment: GCP, AWS, Bigtable, Cassandra, Java, Python, Kubernetes

ATG, Product Manager, Cloud Infrastructure


I led the effort of productizing the cloud service offer to improve developer productivity and happiness, including product strategy, roadmap, operational concerns, compliance, quality assurance etc.

One part was a governance model to allow development teams to get access to the cloud provider (AWS) with a feature baseline including SSO, aggregated billing, logging, policy & auditing, VPN connectivity to the data center.

In addition, we also acted as a Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) team with a mission to provide world-class reliability to the onboarded services hosted on the cloud platform.

Environment: AWS, Kubernetes, Networking

ATG, Product Manager, Messaging Infrastructure


I led the effort of productizing the backend messaging service offer to improve developer productivity and happiness, including product strategy, roadmap, operational concerns, compliance, quality assurance etc.

The service was based on the Solace messaging platform. As a part of the packaging I also architected and developed an infrastructure-as-code framework (written in Python), processes and a governance model to allow development teams to self-service resources and application level messaging configuration.

Environment: Solace (Appliance & VMR), Python, Golang, Networking, SAN

Sysarb, Advisor

Arboga, Stockholm, Remote

Sysarb's vision is to help its customers achieve workplace equality. I was product and technology advisor and part of the management team.

Environment: AWS, Azure, .NET

Urb-it, Interim CTO


I led the engineering teams, product managers, UX, system integrators and test teams. Also part of the executive team with responsibility for product & company strategy.

Environment: iOS, Android, .NET, AWS, Azure

Urb-it, Product Manager


I managed the native mobile apps product suite consisting of four apps. Two consumer facing (Android & iOS) and two for merchants and couriers.

Development was done in two teams that I managed, one team was co-located and one team distributed over two continents.

Environment: iOS, Android, Objective-C, Swift, Java, Kotlin

Urb-it, Software Engineer & Architect


System architect and developer of three iOS apps, targeting customers, merchants and couriers.

Environment: Objective-C, Swift, Storyboard, MVVM

Adeprimo, Software Engineer & Architect


Full service agency that developers and designs digital experiences.

I was a systems architect and engineer responsible for establishing and evolving sound development and architectural practices across internal and external projects. Involved in countless projects in a number of industries, e.g. media, e-commerce, tourism to name a few.

Highly involved as a software engineer and team lead. Advocate of agility in the software process with a leading role as the company transitioned to more effective methods of product development.

Environment: Java, Objective-C, Scala, Python, Ruby, Linux, AWS

Ibitec, Software Engineer & Architect

Linköping, Stockholm

Solution architect and consultant specializing on enterprise Java applications based on JBoss or WebSphere. Projects were conducted with customers mainly from government, military and insurance industries.

Responsible for establishing architectural guidelines within the company. Instructor on a number of Sun Microsystems’s Enterprise Java courses such as FJ-310 and SL-351.

Environment: Java, J2EE, JavaEE, WebSphere, MySQL, Oracle, Linux, Scrum, RUP

Roxen Internet Software, Developer


Software developer on the Roxen Editorial Portal product, a web based multichannel publishing tool aimed at the media market.

Environment: Pike, C, Linux, MySQL, XSLT, Scrum

Exsitec, Technical Consultant

Linköping, Stockholm

Developer and Movex ERP system consultant, working closely with customers designing to implement custom solution ranging from simpler integrations to entire application suites. Deep understanding of the IBM iSeries platform gained through consultancy and teaching of topics such as Linux on iSeries, iSeries LPAR (Logical partitioning) and SQL.

Environment: Java, iSeries, OS/400, DB2, Movex

Ericsson, Master's Thesis


Master’s thesis entitled 3G IPv6 Node Emulator that includes application design and implementation of a Gateway GPRS Support Node (GGSN) with IPv6 support. This node is to be used for 3G end-to-end terminal testing. Implementation conducted in C/C++ and Python under a *BSD, Linux and Solaris environment. Work also involves modifications to the FreeBSD kernel and IPv6 stack.

Environment: C, C++, Linux, FreeBSD

UKD Distans, Head Teacher

Umeå, Malung

Part-time job teaching programming (C, C++, SQL and Visual Basic) to high school students.

Environment: C, C++, SQL, Visual Basic

Utfors, NOC Technician

Uppsala, Stockholm

Part-time job managing core and customer networks. Network infrastructure configuration, monitoring and operations.

Environment: Solaris, Linux, Cisco, Juniper

Entrepreneurship, in more detail

Hackerman AB, Founder

Gothenburg, Remote

Solo venture providing product and technology consulting services.

Various research projects in e.g. Machine Learning and Game Engines.

Gomorron Östersund, Co-founder & partner

Östersund, Remote

We want to provide startups, entrepreneurs, visionaries and enthusiasts a place to create change and do better business together in a creative coworking environment. We currently have four locations across the city of Östersund.

My main responsibility has been to oversee the product strategy and our digital presence. And also the coffee, of course.

Brightn AB, Co-founder & CTO

Örebro, Östersund, Remote

Startup building digital products targeting the retail industry. We launched a platform that enable retailers to effectively connect and communicate with their, largely replacing the need to print and distribute generic and low yield discount flyers.

Environment: Objective-C, Swift, Java, Ruby, Python, Machine Learning, AWS