Simon Nordberg

Simon Nordberg

Getting Unstuck

6 March 2021

I wouldn’t read too much into this post. The single reason I’m posting this at all, is to post something. To put something out there. To overcome my inner critic. To write. To publish. To get unstuck.

An audience of one

This time I won’t rely on inspiration. This time it’s not about the goal. This time it’s about the process.

This is a commitment. A commitment to myself to write. To write about what I think, about what I believe. I’ve silenced myself for a long time. Not intentionally. Not towards others, but very much towards myself.

This is my pledge to listen more deeply to my own thoughts and emotions. Through the process of writing and reflecting, I aim to listen to myself more carefully, and share what I learn.

If you’ve made it this far, welcome.